Where does chess class take place?

Our instructors hold class weekly in a designated room on your school campus. Traditionally, the class is in the library or gymnasium, but sometimes it is in a classroom.

Do the students need to bring anything to class?

No, Yes For Chess provides everything. We will provide the chess boards and pieces. In addition, each student will be given their own workbook to be used in-class. At the end of the year, the instructors will give the book to students to keep.

How does the Yes For Chess class work?

Each class begins with a 20-30 minute lesson. Depending on each students experience and age, they will be grouped into the beginner, intermediate or advanced level. For the remainder of the class students will hone their skills by competing against each other in tournament games.

What do the students learn in class?

There are many different topics students will learn depending on their current skill set. Students in the beginner group will learn basics such as movement, an individual piece's value and attack, check and checkmate and will be able to play independently. Students in the intermediate group will learn concepts such as forks, skewers, pins, openings and development. Students in our advanced group will learn in depth on topics such as control, development, specific openings and mating patterns.

Do the students play each other in chess?

After the students chess lessons, they will play against another student within their own skill level. In addition to learning how to play chess, students will learn how to play other fun chess games like Bughouse, Sacrifice City and Monster Chess and are often allowed to play a variation of chess after they have completed their game.

How do the students stay involved and motivated?

Our classes are geared to be educational and fun. We encourage students to learn chess not just during class, but also outside of class. Students have the opportunity to earn Pawn Points. Pawn Points are interactive chess related exercises that teach students in a different manner than the typical classroom environment. Yes For Chess believes parents and family are an integral part for students to become successful. That is why many of the Pawn Point exercises require some form of parent involvement. Click here to learn more about Pawn Points.

Being enrolled in the class, do the students receive trophies or prizes?

Yes. Our Pawn Point program allows our students to gain points, which allows them to earn different prizes like medals, trophies, and chess sets. Also we like to reward all of our students for their hard work. At the end of the school year we will celebrate with a chess party and a small awards ceremony, where we will pass out chess medals to all students who finish the year in chess.

Does Yes For Chess provide any other activities outside of chess class?

Yes. Students have the opportunity to attend our tournaments. Students come from different schools in the Bay Area that also have a Yes For Chess program at their school. It's a great opportunity for the kids to play new students and meet new friends who enjoy playing chess. For more information regarding our chess tournaments click here.

Does Yes For Chess provide any classes in the summer?

We do provide classes in the summer. For more information on summer camps in your area, or any questions in general, please contact us at info@yesforchess.com

Do you recommend any books or programs for my child to improve in chess?

Please view our list of recommended books.

I want my child to join the program, but we can't afford the tuition. Do you offer scholarships?

We want all students to have the opportunity to attend our class, which is why we offer financial scholarships to families that would have difficulty paying for our program. In addition, we offer discounts to siblings enrolled in our class. To apply for a financial scholarship, please call (510) 921-2081.