Does my student need to bring anything?

Students do not need to bring anything. However because the tournament can last hours, we suggest bringing snacks and drinks for your child in between rounds and maybe a sweatshirt.

Do I need to accompany my child?

Yes, all students must be accompanied by an adult. After the student's game ends, we ask each student to exit the room and wait outside with their parent or guardian until the start of the next round.

How long is each round?

Each game can last up to 40 minutes (20 minutes each side), but often most games end within 20 minutes. Once all the games have ended, the tournament officials can tally the results and prepare for the next round. Usually, each round takes between 45-60 minutes. Typically after the student finishes their game, they will either play on the playground, play chess outside with a parent or new friend or read until it is announced that a new round is about to begin.

How long is the tournament?

The tournament has four rounds. After the fourth and final round is completed, we will have an award ceremony where each student that participates earns a medal or trophy for their play.

Can I watch my child's game?

Parents cannot be in the room during tournament play. We ask parents to wait outside of the room or in another room designated as a waiting area where there are refreshments, newspapers, and chess boards for parents to play.

Can I register the day of the tournament?

Space is limited for the tournament, and we do not accept walk-up registrations.

What rules will be forced during tournament play?

We will be using the basic guidelines of the United States Chess Federation. Please review the tournament rules to get a better understand of what to expect the day of the tournament.

Will this count towards my child's rating?

If your child is registered with the United States Chess Federation (USCF), the results will not count toward their rating because this tournament is only open to students who participate in a Yes For Chess Program at their school. The student's cumulative ranking in the Yes For Chess Club at their school will increase by receiving Pawn Points for their participation.

How are students grouped?

Students are grouped by grade level. There are some rare instances where we may combine two grades together if there is a small amount of entries of a certain grade to insure the student will play different opponents each round.

How is my child's opponent determined?

We use the "Swiss Chess System." It is a computer program that randomly pairs students for the first round and continues to pair students based on wins/losses and the difficulty of their opponent. Therefore, by the fourth and final round, each student plays someone who is very similar to their skill level.

What if my student loses a game?

All students participating in the tournament will play in all four tournament rounds despite wins or losses. Each round they will play someone closer to their skill level.